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Be Present at the Death Camp

We witness women escorting their daughters in to murder their grandchildren, three generations go in, but only two come out.

A high place of child sacrifice is located at the intersection of Southwest 44th Street and South Blackwelder Avenue in Oklahoma City.  We witness women escorting their daughters in to murder their grandchildren, three generations go in, but only two come out.  We witness fathers too scared to exercise moral leadership.  Drivers become accomplices because of a mistaken understanding of friendship.  The sad part is that they all appear to know they are wrong.  No eye contact, heads hung low, guilt is written all over them.  And then there are the employees…

 “You are a disgrace to your church.  You are a disgrace to God.  You should have been an abortion.”  The security guard’s bald head reflected the sun angrily at us.  His eyes remained hidden behind dark sunglasses.  “Do y’all like Marilyn Manson, cuz you’re fixin’ to listen to some death metal.”

These kinds of experiences scare most Christians away from standing at an abortion facility.  They are also afraid of not knowing what to say.  But your simple presence, even without words, is powerful and important.  Here is why.

Your presence outside the abortion facility directly saves lives.  It is the single most detrimental thing to their business.  Former abortion workers have reported that when five or more people gather outside a facility, up to 75% of appointments become no-shows.

Your presence convicts others as you draw their attention to the evil being committed in their midst.  These death camps are not side notes in a history textbook; they are real.  Children are dying, and families are being wounded by their own wickedness.  But how many citizens connect with this truth in a meaningful way?  For most, murdered babies are emotionally little more than a statistic in their minds.  So we must be there to point to the death camps and tell others that the American holocaust is real, that it is happening next door to where they shop, work, and worship.  More citizens must viscerally connect with the truth that their government sanctions murder.

Your presence forces abortion workers to rethink what they are doing.  If no one is out there, it must seem to the workers that the community has accepted what they are doing and appreciates their “service.”  When people are out there, it forces them to examine their lives and work.

Your presence forces “customers” to face what they are doing.  Beyond the mother, even the father, driver, friend, or other family member must rethink what they are doing when they walk or drive by your witness.  They must ask themselves whether they are truly friends, or accomplices.

Your presence shatters the illusion of privacy and illuminates the darkness.  They thought this was a private affair.  If those who drive up to the facility face a crowd of witnesses at the gate, they will have to consider whether they want to be seen.  They might think, Does someone here know me, or my mom, or my grandmother?  Do I really want to be seen going in here?  Your presence may awaken the resounding voice of conscience.

Your presence forces law enforcement officers and executives to face their own hypocrisy.  Their job is to protect the innocent and to uphold the rule of law.  Our best hope for abolition is for executives to take action to stop the bloodshed.  Therefore, they cannot be left alone to become comfortable in their apathy and inaction.  We do what we do because governors and sheriffs refuse to do their duty.  One day a chief executive will allow his conscience to be pricked to the point of action.  Until then, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Gal. 6:9).

Our physical presence at abortion death camps is a powerful mental, emotional, and spiritual blockade.  It saves lives, and it teaches, instructs, and exhorts.  To learn how you can BE PRESENT, email us, or send a message to “The Church at Southwind Abortion Clinic” on Facebook.  You will not be expected to act beyond your comfort level, and experienced volunteers will guide your participation and help you be present with confidence.  We are not alone, “For where two or three gather in my name, I am there with them” (Matt. 18:20).