Bearing the Sword in Vain

okforlife Abolition, Pro-Life

“But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do NOT bear the sword in vain,” said the Apostle Paul.  Unfortunately, those who commit murder by abortion have nothing to fear because every arm of our government currently DOES bear the sword in vain.  In fact, in a complete role-reversal, local magistrates bear the sword to protect murderers, while punishing and persecuting those who seek justice.

But the sword does not have to continue swinging the wrong way.  As you watch this two-minute clip from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, view Judge Claude Frollo as our Federal Beast and Captain Phoebus as our local executives like Governor Stitt and county sheriffs.  Do you see what should be done?

You and I can teach and convert people on a daily basis, but we will never be able to outpace the pagan, heathen, secular, agnostic, and atheist citizens produced by our culture and government schools.  Therefore, if abortion, or any state-sanctioned evil, is going to be abolished, we need leadership from those with the power, authority, and duty to bear the sword appropriately.  That is why Christians ought to be involved in politics.

Are these ideas new and strange to you?  Do you feel yourself wanting to get involved beyond personal outreach and evangelism?  If so, then a good place to start is Government 101, a thirty-five minute teaching on how the U.S. system of government works, demonstrating that local officials have the duty and authority to abolish abortion, and giving specific recommendations for when, where, why, and how you should get involved.