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Governors Need Not Wait to Abolish Abortion

Governor Stitt need not wait for the legislature or the court to give him permission to halt the bloodshed of abortion.

“All law enforcement officers…are sworn to uphold the Constitution, according to its terms.  They are therefore duty bound to hold the [Roe] decision in contempt, and move without delay to end the wholesale atrocity it entails.”
-Dr. Alan Keyes, former ambassador under President Ronald Reagan and three-time presidential candidate

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has sworn to uphold our constitutions.  He need not wait for the state legislature or any court to give him permission to halt the bloodshed of abortion in his jurisdiction.  Former ambassador for President Ronald Reagan and three-time presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes agrees.

Dr. Keyes, a political activist and host of IAMtv’s “Let’s Talk America,” believes it is time for governors in every state to uphold their oaths before God to enforce the Constitution and abolish abortion.  In an interview with Oklahomans United for Life, Keyes said the time is right to “Rethink our approach and go on the offensive.  We can, in fact, abolish this evil.”

Upon taking office, Governor Stitt swore as follows:  “I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America and the Constitution and the laws of the State of Oklahoma, and that I will faithfully discharge, according to the best of my ability, the duties of my office…”

The purpose of government, as outlined by our founding documents, based on the word of God, is to protect life, liberty, and property.  According to God’s Law, it is wrong to kill innocent human beings.  According to the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”  According to Article 2 Section 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution, “All persons have the inherent right to life…”  Therefore, abortion is a violation of our highest laws and is unconstitutional.

Governor Stitt’s duty is to do everything in his power to protect the lives of those living in Oklahoma, including the preborn.  Thus, his first duty is to stop the shedding of innocent blood.  As chief executive, Governor Stitt needs no further authorization than his oath of office and our constitutions to direct the arrest of abortion practitioners and to blockade abortion death camps.  This executive action would stop the bloodshed and protect the innocent.  Furthermore, these actions would ignite a firestorm of nationwide media attention and force the courts to reexamine the constitutionality of abortion.

The governor is head of the executive branch, which functions independently of the legislative and judicial branches.  He has as much right to act in accordance with his understanding of the constitution as do legislators and judges.  He need not wait for a court’s permission to carry out the rule of law.  He need not wait for a legislature to repeal “legal abortion.”  Those statutes which define “legal abortion” are unconstitutional and therefore void.  When God’s law and our constitutions are disregarded by state legislatures or judges, a governor’s duty is not to bow down to them, but to resist them and uphold our constitutions to protect innocent lives.  His enforcement of the higher laws (God’s law and our constitutions) would trigger the needed political conflict and hasten the practical abolition of abortion.  If Gov. Stitt were to take executive action and stick to his guns, he could stop the bloodshed, and his leadership would, in all probability, inspire such actions across the union, saving countless lives.

It will not be easy.  Going “on the offensive” will draw massive pressure and attacks from radical liberals and even some misguided “pro-life” powerhouses in D.C.  But we must be faithful and trust God for the results.  If Christians across the country heard that Gov. Stitt was going to lead the charge, they would rally to Oklahoma to serve as field marshals and generals in the battle.  They would help answer objections and prepare the way for success.  Governor Stitt, just give us the word.

Please ask Gov. Stitt to use his executive power to stop the bloodshed of abortion.  Ask him to lead the nation, right here in Oklahoma, and let him know that you will support him.  Write a similar letter to the editor of your local newspaper.  Ask your pastor and church congregation to follow your example.

Oklahoma could become the tip of the spear in the battle to end America’s abortion holocaust.  May God grant Governor Stitt the courage to execute his duty, and may he become a champion for the abolition of abortion.
Dr. Keyes talks abolition with Oklahomans United for Life