United for Life

is training fellow believers to speak up for those who have no voice, call on our magistrates to abolish abortion, and rescue our preborn neighbors at the gates of death.

You want to fight abortion, but at every step you meet an obstacle or active opposition. Oddly, it comes not from abortion advocates, but from those you thought were on your side—the pastor, the priest, and the pro-life politician. But they aren’t in a bar, and this is no joke.

What is going on? The pro-life movement (PLM) has a dark side unknown to most believers. Overcoming the Dark Side of the Pro-life Movement was written for those believers who think of themselves as pro-life or abolitionist. They may or may not understand the differences between the strategies of the traditional PLM and the strategies of the abolitionist movement. They may or may not be activists, but none of that matters. The book is written to be engaging and instructive for all. It will draw readers in with personal stories and invite them to become abolitionists and to do more than they are currently doing to help bring about the abolition of abortion.

For those who are already activists, the book will encourage them not to give up. It will strengthen their resolve and become a resource to help activate fellow believers.

Request an Engagement: info@oku4life.org