“United for Life is equipping Christians to rise from their church chairs and parish pews to join the fight for the lives of our pre-born neighbors… Their customized training will prepare your parishioners to evangelize, minister, and save lives, at a grassroots level, one at a time… I encourage you to invite…United for Life to prepare your group for the battle that is before us: To save individual lives and abolish the scourge of legalized abortion from our land.” –Dr. Alan Keyes, Former U.N. Ambassador under President Ronald Reagan

“John Michener, of…United for Life, will not disappoint! From the first minute of the first class, all the way to the last bell on the last day, my students were captivated and engaged by Mr. Michener’s teaching. Throughout the week they were being equipped to discern, expose, and discuss false ideas and justifications for abortion.

“Mr. Michener was well prepared with handouts, videos, images, and stories, for the students to get the most out of this critical topic in a short amount of time. He also took time to respectfully answer various questions that were on the minds of my students…

“Please permit your students to take advantage of Mr. Michener’s knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm for LIFE.” -Phillip Rehrig, Senior Philosophy & Bible Teacher, Christian Heritage Academy

“United for Life training in apologetics reaches beyond understanding the abortion debate to discipleship in personal evangelism… I believe it uses the best methods of enlightening people about abortion, all the while providing them a compassionate person who truly listens to their perspective and answers their concerns from a God-centered worldview. The gospel is interlaced in almost every conversation…

“When John contacts you, I urge you to give him the opportunity to make a presentation. We are blessed to be a part of his work, and we believe you will be, too.” -Charles Key, Former Oklahoma State Representative

“I have witnessed the way…United for Life can open the hearts and minds of average Christians in a way that inspires and equips them to speak up for our preborn neighbors… In just one week of in-depth training, our students become passionate advocates who really listen to opponents and can give them an answer with confidence, gentleness, and respect from a Christian worldview.

“Whether it is a sermon, an abbreviated crash course, or a full workshop, their materials in apologetics will quickly empower your students to start gracious conversations about abortion and create opportunities to share their faith.

“I heartily recommend John and…United for Life. I urge you to take advantage of their teaching and training services.” -Richard Harris, Director of the School of Practical Government at Charis Bible College

“This was full of great info that will help MUCH in talking with people. Breaking into small groups really helped. Everyone should have this basic training—it’s a great starting point to be able to do more.” -Alden

“Slapped in the face with awareness. Role plays were good.” -Chris from Yukon

“This was very good for me. It caused me to see how my assumptions can be wrong, how I need to approach this issue with mercy that can be received by the other person. Great presentation.” -Rena from Shawnee

“This experience was very moving, and I learned a lot. Hearing the stories and seeing the images definitely changed how I viewed abortion after rape!” -Lily from Guthrie

“This presentation [was] quite spectacularly made, mixing in some humor, then pointing to the main idea of the subject… Your presentation really showed me about abortion and why it’s truly wrong… I’ve kinda been having mixed opinions about it. Then you showed…the video and talked about it. So it really helped me understand clearly why it’s wrong.” -Del City high school student

“This program should reach every church possible. Christians need to be informed and educated on this issue of life. Josh and Tricia were both very good at their presentation. They made it enjoyable and informative.” -Allen, worship minister

“I learned so much about how to talk about [abortion] and how to reason with ideas given—but most of all how to listen. I would recommend this program to everyone. My trainer was excellent; she was a very informed young lady.” -Randy, workshop participant

“It truly opened my eyes. My mother was highly involved in Texas Right to Life, but the issue of abortion never truly hit home. Tonight my heart has seen and understood. Thank you.” -Nicholas, attended a youth group presentation

“Wasn’t really enthused about the subject before attending, but [was] highly motivated by the content and could have spent the rest of the day listening.” -workshop participant

“I’ve come to realize that there are so many people…alone that need someone like us to tell them the truth about abortions. And if we don’t do it, then who will?” -Joshua

“There was one [lesson] that hit me the hardest. I realized that I was doing absolutely nothing to stop abortion… I realized that despite believing murder was wrong, I didn’t want to talk about it… My excuse before this class was that I didn’t know what to do. Now, I have no excuse not to share my beliefs.” -Jake

“I think this workshop was most valuable because it made us realize that this is real, and we need to be having these conversations all the time.” -Kaitlynn

“I never really know how to talk to [abortion supporters] or present any usable information to them. The several ways that were provided in this workshop have really helped me realize it’s not as hard as I thought to talk to people about abortion.” -Joseph

“I was skeptical going into this program. I thought that it was going to be just another talk on why abortion is wrong and why Christians need to take a stand against it, but it actually taught me how to carry on good, real-life conversations. No longer do I worry about how to defend my [stand].” -Kenlie

“I was scared to be told something that I wasn’t sure I believed in; but as the week went on, the program really hit all of the arguments that I ever would have tried to put up for my side of things. So, thank you for making it clear for me in a nice way… I will be using the things that I have learned over this week to help people, confused people just like me, to understand the truth.” -Kaley

“Aside from the educational aspects of last week’s teachings, I loved Mr. Michener as a teacher! He isn’t afraid to use jokes or sarcasm, which keeps the class fun, but he also isn’t afraid to get into the nitty-gritty problems of the world. It is always best when a teacher can tell it how it is and be confident in doing so. Overall, I learned a lot, and had a fun time while doing it!” -Payton

“We got to discuss the theology behind moral absolutes and knowing that humans deserve to be treated equally. I had never thought before about good as originating from God’s nature and who God is.” -Addie

“This important issue is now my opportunity for evangelism.” -Kenlie

“I can start a conversation with another person and it will lead us to another one at the same time… From the beginning we talk about abortion, but at the end, we talk about God; it’s really cool!” -Ha

“I just wanted you to know I feel blessed to have met you and have opportunities to learn from you. The workshops you organize provide very valuable information that all Christians should have. I cannot think of a more noble cause than giving a voice to the voiceless… In a world that seems to become increasingly darkened with every passing year, it is nice to find a ray of light… Keep up the exceptional work that you do, and may God bless you and your ministry.” -Mike, parent and ministry participant

“I recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone, and not just because of the material inside, but how it is presented. Mr. Michener…makes it interesting and makes you want to pay attention. It is like you physically cannot NOT pay attention.” -Haley, high school senior

“Pro-life people have got to start paying attention to politics because that is how we are going to make a difference in this world when we have all these laws that are against God’s laws. Personally, I have been guilty of not wanting to get involved; meanwhile, more than fifty-eight million American babies have been murdered. Shame on me! Forgive me, Lord, and lead me. Please get involved and start paying attention to what is happening, at least in our state.”
-Kyle, Christian father and participant

“[I had a] question about making abortion illegal immediately. I had heard a prolife man make the statement that it should remain legal until hearts are changed, and I just went with it. I now see how that would not be the best solution after Mr. Michener trotted out ten babies and asked, How many should we protect?” -Addie, high school senior

“I walked into the workshop this week knowing abortion was wrong, but I was not exactly sure how to prove my point. I didn’t even know how to start a conversation. It was not a week of definitions and lecture. We got to interact and practice defending what we believe.” -Ireland, high school senior

“We as women are told nowadays that nobody can tell us what to do with our bodies, and God forbid a man tell us… I can see their point, so it confused me… But taking a whole class period to go over it really helped to clarify it and remind me how to effectively communicate our position in the argument. This was probably the most beneficial part of the seminar for me.” -Rachel, high school senior

“I have really enjoyed this new experience; I’ve learned a lot about abortion and morality in general. Before this class, I never really thought about abortion. It was something that rarely crossed my mind… More people my age should know about it.” -Bobby, high school senior

“Thank you for your time spent teaching us. It’s not in vain. You’ve given us such powerful tools and weapons to fight against the forces of dark-ness. May God bless you, and keep on! Don’t stop!” -Rhema

“This was one of the best classes all year. Not only did our teacher challenge us in very provocative ways, but he equipped us with very practical skills to engage people over this issue of the shedding of innocent blood. His method of providing us with common sense rationales combined with Biblical truths was convincing and logical.” –Trisha

“Thank you so much for the time and knowledge spent with us. Thank you for all you are doing to further the Kingdom of God.” -Emma

“Thank you so much for coming to our class and investing in us and teaching us. You are a blessing to us! Even though you gave us a test… ;)” -Kenzie

“I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone, honestly. Truth sets us free. God calls us to be wise and to seek after knowledge, wisdom, and truth. That is what this class gave me. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us!” -Abigail, high school student