Apologetics Crash Course:  From “My body, my choice!” to “It’s just a clump of cells,” this overview is a great place to start for those just beginning to speak up for their preborn neighbors. Presented to South Tulsa Baptist Church. (65:31)
Answering My Body, My Choice:  The media incessantly repeat the mantra, “My body, my choice” and talk of bodily autonomy as if these concepts settle the question of abortion.  This video will help you understand and answer this difficult argument for abortion.  Presented for Love of Truth Ministries.  (45:30)
Abortion Intervention Ministry, an Introduction:  What is it like to minister at abortion facilities?  How does one go about it?  We recommend training in Abortion Intervention Ministry. (5:17)
Evangelism? Don’t Be Weird:  Christians get excited to “Speak up for those who have no voice,” but in the name of evangelism they often exhibit the good, the bad, and the ugly.  What exactly is evangelism, and can we practice sharing the good news without being weird?  This presentation offers insights and advice that should prove helpful not only to first-timers, but also to seasoned evangelists.  (27:26)
The Gospel is a Verb:  Disagreements over theology, doctrine, and eschatology divide and neutralize Christians.  If we are serious about saving lives and saving souls, then we must go beyond debating the nouns to living the verbs.  Presented at the Defend the Fatherless conference.  (29:03)
The Constitution Requires Governors to Abolish Abortion:  Dr. Alan Keyes and John Michener spell out the constitutional requirement of state governors to immediately abolish abortion.  They have the duty and the authority.  (7:42)
From Apathy to Action:  Follow the journey of United for Life Director John Michener, from living in a Christian snow globe where everything was perfect, to living in a world where parents murder their own children.  Confronted and convicted by the hard reality of an American holocaust, he leaves behind nominal Christianity to become an evangelist and activist.  You might see reflections of your own journey.  You might see a journey that you need to begin.  Presented at an Operation Save America national event. (28:18)