Long-range Snipers to Perform Abortions?

The joke only works because nearly everyone assumes that abortion is now criminal in Red States like Oklahoma.  If everyone knew the truth, the joke would not work.

The Babylon Bee recently posted this satirical headline:  “Planned Parenthood Hires Long-Range Snipers To Perform Abortions In Red States.”  This is funny because abortion is supposed to be criminal in “Red States,” defined by media as conservative, pro-life, Republican-controlled States.  Therefore, abortion snipers could kill preborn babies in Red States without being guilty of a crime if they pull the trigger across the State line in a “Blue State,” defined by media as liberal, pro-abortion, Democratic-controlled States.  (Ironically, it is communist States that have historically been called “red” for the last one hundred fifty years).

The joke only works because nearly everyone assumes that abortion is now criminal in Red States like Oklahoma.  If everyone knew the truth, the joke would not work.  We have previously shown you the pro-life legislation which gives every woman in Oklahoma the legal license to commit murder.  While it is now illegal in most circumstances for doctors to perform abortions, it is completely legal for any woman in Oklahoma to solicit an abortion and perform an abortion by any means whatever, whether that be by pills, chemical concoctions, injections, or even coat hangers.  They can easily obtain instructions online from hundreds of websites, and the means are delivered within hours right to their front doors next to their Amazon packages.  These types of murders have become the new normal.

Private data collected by a Christian pregnancy clinic in Oklahoma shows a 306% increase in online inquiries during the summer months following the release of the Dobbs opinion.  Furthermore, whereas keyword searches had been predominately for “abortion clinics,” there is now a pronounced increase in searches for “abortion pills.”  Volunteers at the clinic reported receiving calls asking, “How do I get the abortion pill?” and  “Do you have the abortion pill?”  Some callers reported they had taken abortion pills and were experiencing complications.  Some women shared that they obtained pills from other States, on the streets, and even by mail from India.  One study cited across several pro-life news outlets reported a 500% increase in emergency room visits related to “miscarriage.”  These visits are actually women checking themselves in after taking abortion pills.

Throughout the summer and fall we have been surveying Oklahoma citizens to find out if the typical grassroots activist understands abortion law in Oklahoma.  We have asked at GOP county meetings, church fellowships, Sunday school classes, homeschool co-ops, and religious campus clubs.  Out of more than one hundred survey participants, not one gave an accurate explanation of which abortions are unlawful and which abortions are lawful in the State.  In fact, all answers were vague; no one could provide details.  Often, two friends in a Christian audience offered contradicting perceptions.  The average voter believes that abortion has already been abolished and the battle is over, even though this is dramatically and demonstrably false.

The abortion industry has not been shut down; it has merely changed how it does business.  The data, the trends, and the current laws all indicate that the number of abortions committed in Oklahoma will remain similar to past levels and will likely continue rising.  At the same time, our politicians will pretend that there is nothing to see here.  As of this writing, there are no pro-life, red States, in contrast to pro-choice, blue States.  There are only pro-abortion States.

The general public may not know what pro-life politicians have done, but those officials know.  And while every official who voted for legalized murder to continue under the protection of State law is guilty, four men have more influence, power, and control over State laws than any others, and therefore more responsibility and guilt for the bloodshed.  They are Governor Kevin Stitt, Senate President Matt Pinnell, Senate Pro Tempore Greg Treat, and Speaker of the State House Charles McCall.  If we allow these Republican officials to go unchallenged and to get away with what they have done, then the new normal will become entrenched, and these magistrates will have succeeded in foisting off a false victory on naïve voters and driving the continued bloodshed out of sight and out of mind.

Pray that the hearts of these specific men will be softened for the unprotected victims of Oklahoma’s ongoing abortion genocide.  Communicate to them that God expects and demands that they establish equal protection and a true right to life for every preborn Oklahoman.