Abolition abortion Pro-Life State Legislation

Pro-life Chickens Roost at Oklahoma State University

She bought the pill, used it to murder her baby, then delivered her victim into the toilet.

We answered the work phone on Sunday afternoon 24 July 2022.  “My friend bought the abortion pill.  She used it to murder her baby; then she delivered her victim, her own child, into the toilet,” said “Johannah,” a student at Oklahoma State University.

Whoa!  We hear about abortion all the time, but this one was especially poignant because of all the work we had done throughout the year to warn of its coming.  This is no longer theoretical, no longer hypothetical.  This is real, and it is legal.

We have previously shown you the verbiage in the “pro-life” legislation which gives every woman in Oklahoma the legal license to commit murder.  According to Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, over ninety percent of abortions are committed within the first trimester of pregnancy.  We know that abortion pills are effective well beyond the first trimester.  That means that stories like this one from OSU will be repeated thousands of times per year in Oklahoma and other so-called conservative States which are following a similar policy of immunity for women.  As of this writing, there are no pro-life, red States, in contrast to pro-choice, blue States.  There are only pro-abortion States.

Three days after receiving this phone call, OUL Director John Michener attended a luncheon where Governor Kevin Stitt was the speaker.  During his presentation the governor falsely announced that “abortion is illegal in the State of Oklahoma.”  He also thanked the legislators who brought him that legislation and called them “amazing.”

After the meeting, Michener shared the OSU story with the governor, making it clear to him that the killing was legal, and asking him to call for closing the loophole.  The governor grimaced and thanked him for the information. Pray that Governor Stitt’s heart will be softened for these unprotected victims and that he will finally call for equal protection and a true right to life for every preborn Oklahoman.  You may send a message to the governor at