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Brainwaves Hard to Detect in Oklahoma Senate

It is almost impossible to explain the surreal experience of today’s ludicrous committee meeting in which a “pro-life” bill was heard that, if enacted, would directly kill every child it purported to save.

Ludicrous:  provoking or deserving derision because of absurdity.

It is almost impossible to explain the surreal experience of today’s ludicrous committee meeting in which the committee heard a “pro-life” bill that, if enacted, would directly kill every child it purported to save.  Authored by Sen. Paul Scott (R-Duncan), the bill states that “the abortion provider shall…Verify the presence or absence of fetal or embryonic brain waves; and Submit a copy of…the electroencephalogram to the State Department of Health…”

Senator Paul Scott struggles to defend a bill that he knows is ludicrous.

When questioned, Sen. Scott, a pro-life Republican, admitted that the test required to generate an electroencephalogram would actually kill the nascent child in the womb.  His hands and voice were shaking as he struggled to defend the nonsense of his bill.  He was also clearly ignorant of basic biological science which has proven that unique human individuals come into existence once the fertilization process is complete, not after heartbeats and brainwaves are detectable.  For more, see Back to Basics-Biology.

Beyond the bill’s absurdity, SB 1859 discriminates against young human beings who do not have detectable heartbeats or brainwaves.  This violates the constitutionally guaranteed right to life and the requirement for equal protection under the law.  Therefore, the proposal is both immoral and unlawful.  Practically speaking, even if brainwaves could be detected without killing preborn humans, such a requirement would be unenforceable, since it would trust abortionists, whose livelihood depends on murder, to confirm that they found no brainwaves in their victims.

In the face of all these condemning arguments against his bill, the author did not have the courage to strike the title or withdraw the bill, but pressed for its passage.  Senate Majority Floor Leader Kim David (R-Porter) attended the meeting and argued that the bill should be passed, not based on what it would actually do, but on the well-meaning heart and intent of the author.

Why does a decent man like Sen. Paul Scott, who is a coauthor on the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act (AAOA, currently SB 13) promote such a stupid bill?  Why would Chairman McCortney not hear the AAOA?  Could it be because Senate leadership has predetermined what will be heard and advanced?

Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat is the king of the Senate.  He and Sen. Kim David, along with other courtiers, exercise sovereignty over their fellow senators.  If leadership has decided in secret caucus meetings to advance a “pro-life” brainwave bill to fool the pro-life masses instead of  hearing the AAOA, then Sen. Scott may feel he has little choice but to obey leadership, to buy, sell, and trade favors with them to stay in their good graces.

Majority Floor Leader Kim David represents Senate leadership in support of a strange and nonsensical brainwave bill, as they continue to dismiss the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act.

So why does Senate leadership not back the AAOA?  Why do they not establish justice and tell the governor to carry out his duty to execute just law?  Perhaps leadership does not agree with our principles.  They certainly know what to say to get elected, but perhaps they secretly believe that legal abortion is an acceptable option, in which case they are the worst kind of hypocrites and should be replaced.  Or perhaps they are simply too cowardly to establish justice in the face of immoral and unconstitutional court opinions, in which case they are weak, failed leaders and should be replaced.

Republican leadership can no longer fool us.  We are wise to their ludicrous games.  We must expect and demand our elected representatives in the House and Senate to stand up to the kings of the capitol.  Let’s encourage these men under the heavy and crooked yoke of leadership to rise up and fight back.