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Gideon & Activist Mommy Instruct Governor Stitt to Abolish Abortion

Did political outsider Kevin Stitt burst onto the scene only to maintain the status quo, or was he put in the governor’s office for such a time as this?

Whenever justice is denied and decisive action is needed, God raises up a mighty man of action who leads others to do right.  Innocent people of the ancient city of Sukkoth were being harassed and pillaged by the Midianites.  Their seventy-seven officials were unwilling to provide the necessary leadership to defend them.  Without their support, Gideon, acting in obedience to God, defeated the Midianites and rescued the people anyway.

The Oklahoma Legislature is now past the deadline to advance bills out of committee.  No bill to abolish abortion was allowed to advance.  This is not surprising, since Senate President Matt Pinnell, Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, and Speaker of the House Charles McCall are not abolitionists and do not support abolitionist policies.  Furthermore, large groups, such as state legislatures, which are rife with group-think and crowd-cowardice, do not historically provide effective leadership.  There is a reason we have a Commander-in-Chief, not a Council-in-Chief.  We a need a top dog to lead the pack.

Fortunately, our state constitution provides ways for the governor to lead, even when it comes to legislation.  Oklahoma’s Commander-in-Chief, Governor Kevin Stitt, can rescue thousands of preborn human beings, even though our legislature is dragging its feet.  Governor Stitt has the following powers and authority:

Activist Mommy: Trump to Support Governors Who Abolish Abortion
  1. Governor Stitt can instruct the legislature to hear the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act.  Passage of this bill would better allow District Attorneys to prosecute those who commit murder by abortion.  Section 7 of the state constitution states:  “The Governor shall have power to convoke the legislature…on extraordinary occasions.  At extraordinary sessions, no subject shall be acted upon, except such as the Governor may recommend for consideration.”
  2. Governor Stitt can apply Gideon-like discipline to the legislature.  If they do not want to provide equal protection under the law, the governor can veto other measures to pressure the legislature to follow his leadership.  The governor could say to the legislature, “Oh, you want a budget to run the state?  Why don’t we stop slaughtering innocent children first!”  Since it takes two-thirds of the State House and Senate to override the governor’s veto, they would have to muster at least one hundred votes to thwart the governor’s will.
  3. Governor Stitt can issue executive orders to the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision, Oklahoma State Department of Health, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (State Police), and the Oklahoma National Guard (State Militia), instructing them to revoke medical licenses, shut down abortion death camps, and prevent any further murder by abortion.  Each of these executive agencies answers to the governor.  If they do not follow his orders, he can replace their heads with leaders who will.

One skeptic commented, “Perhaps what you are wanting the governor to do is a bridge too far.”  At the present time, this appears to be true.  Governor Kevin Stitt seems to be a long way from doing what is needed and necessary, unable to see past the political cost of the bridge, much less actually building it and crossing over to an abortion-free state.  For the second year in a row, Stitt made no mention of abortion in his state-of-the-state speech or at his prayer breakfast.  Nevertheless, we do not know what is tumbling around in his head and heart as a result of our abundance of prophetic activity and messaging.  He is more likely to build and cross that bridge if we keep casting the clear vision before him.  The more he hears it, the more likely it is that his thinking might shift and his heart might melt.  That is the reason we must continue with clear, pointed, and precise communications to the governor.  Emails, newsletters, videos, conferences, rallies, marches, lobbying, and personal visits all educate and influence the governor.  We have been persistently encouraging the governor to lead for more than two years.  Consider:

  1. The 2018 race for governor of Oklahoma included a boisterous abolitionist who published and promoted a plan for the governor to abolish abortion.
  2. Local organizations like Oklahomans United for Life, the Ekklesia of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite, and Free the States have routinely published articles, emails, websites, interviews, and educational videos on the abolition of abortion and the importance of executive leadership.
  3. Dr. Alan Keyes has met with multiple state governors, explaining the critical need for their leadership to abolish abortion.  He met for over an hour with one of Governor Stitt’s staff members.
  4. Citizens have made phone calls, sent emails, and visited the governor’s office in person, and sent messages through friends and family members.
  5. The Republican Party of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Baptists, and the Oklahoma State Association of Free Will Baptists have all officially adopted platforms and resolutions calling for the total and immediate abolition of abortion.
  6. State Senator Joseph Silk, whose bill to abolish abortion has been languishing for years, has been interviewed on network television and by nationwide ministries and social media outlets.
  7. Thousands rallied to the Oklahoma State Capitol on Abolition Day begging for leadership and action from Governor Kevin Stitt.  Check out these brief highlights from former legislator and gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher and John Michener, Director of Oklahomans United for Life.
  8. On 27 February 2020 Elizabeth Johnston, “Activist Mommy,” met with Vice President Mike Pence and asked him directly if President Trump would support a governor who completely abolished abortion.  His answer was YES!  This is your time, Governor Stitt.  Abolish abortion now while Trump is running for reelection.  There is no guarantee he will be there to support you later, and dozens of innocent children are being murdered each week in Oklahoma.

Calling our leaders to lead is the prophetic role of the people of God.  Some will listen, while others will not.  The king of Nineveh appears to have responded quickly to Jonah’s warnings.  Within a matter of days he issued an executive order directing all citizens to “Call urgently on God.  Let them give up their evil ways and their violence.”  Other leaders required more time and persuasion.  King Nebuchadnezzar was warned by Daniel, his trusted counselor, but he had to eat grass before he humbled himself to obedience.  Unfortunately, most men in power never listen to God’s messengers at all.  Will Governor Stitt hear and obey God?

In spite of other officials doing nothing, Gideon acted to defend innocent people.  In Oklahoma we have Governor Kevin Stitt.  Did this political outsider burst onto the scene only to maintain the status quo, or was he put in the governor’s office for such a time as this?

Former gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher, along with the Director of Oklahomans United for Life, call on Gov. Sitt to abolish abortion.