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Life at the Gates of Death

Those who have never kept vigil at an abortion deathcamp may have trouble imagining the scene.  They ask, What goes on down there?  What’s it like?

Those who have never kept vigil at an abortion deathcamp may have trouble imagining the scene.  They ask, What goes on down there?  What’s it like?  What follows are a few unedited, real-world snapshots of day-to-day life at the gates of death.

Perhaps one out of one hundred comes over for a conversation, but we know that finding one lost sheep is cause for great rejoicing.

The first thing to understand is that the typical day is depressing and uneventful.  Depressing, because we witness client after client go in to murder their preborn babies.  Uneventful, because other than clients going in and out, not much happens.  After the thirty seconds it takes a pregnant woman to reach the door, the only audiences remaining are the drivers sitting in their cars for hours on end and the homeless who shuffle by to watch the show.

We stand at the gate, with arms outstretched, offering a gift bag as each car approaches.  Once a woman or family exits the car, we begin to speak.  Here is a transcript of an actual conversation I had just a few weeks ago with a couple crossing the parking lot:

I began, “You waited all this time to come.  Just give me three more minutes.  I’m a minister.  Let me hear what your need is and pray with you.  If you are here for some service, we can help you for free.  That’s what we do as Christians.  There are free clinics less than two miles from here.  It’s not too late.  Whatever you need; let me try to help you.”

“Are you thirty to thirty-five years old?” the father asked.

“I’m a forty-six year old Christian.  I don’t know what your issue is, but just tell me about it, and let me see if I can find some way to help.”

“It seems like you should have been here forty-six years ago.”

“Why is that?  Because you want me dead?”


“Dude, that’s pretty perverted.”

“I’m being honest.”

“I care about human beings, whether you do or not.  I think God does, too.  That’s why we have this conscience, this idea of right and wrong.  I just hate to see people do stuff that they will regret for the rest of their lives, even if they are in denial.”

And then they were gone inside.

Homeless individuals have a seat to watch the show.

In the midst of reaching out to these women and men, vagabonds who shelter behind nearby gas stations stop to gawk.  We give them snacks and toiletries to make their lives a little easier for a day.  We lean against the fence with them, listening to their stories, connecting them to local resources, and sharing the gospel.

Now imagine a white Isuzu Rodeo and a black Dodge Charger parked side by side.  They are across a parking lot about twenty yards away.  The drivers, who are barely visible through darkly tinted windows, have hours to wait while their own children are being murdered by the hand that they hired.  They are a captive audience, and so we speak to them.  Talking to fences, gates, and car doors with a PA system often feels hopeless, but we know they can hear us loud and clear.  Here is a transcript of exactly what I said:

“I hope you are hearing me because what I am telling you is the truth.  Whether you are here to murder a child by abortion or not, that is how this place makes its money, and you need to have no part in that.  Do not aid, abet, and support a wicked place that kills innocent children and has blood on their hands.  By participating with them you have blood on your own hands.

“Why is your woman here today?  Is it birth control?  Is it hormones?  Is it some sort of health checkup?  Again, all of these things we can help you with for free.

“Is she here because she’s thinking about killing your child she’s carrying in the womb?  You may have convinced yourself that what you are doing is for the greater good, because you can’t support this child right now, but it’s never the greater good to kill someone that you don’t want, don’t like, or fear.  We have justified genocides, murder, holocausts, and all manner of wickedness by calling it the greater good.  It never works in the eyes of God.

“You don’t kill innocent people that you don’t want.  If you had a two year old that you couldn’t support, you wouldn’t shoot a hole in his head because you didn’t want that child.  You would find someone else to raise that child.

John Michener speaks to the men in the parking lot.

“You may have convinced yourself that this is not your decision, but her decision, but no, no, no; you crossed that line when you drove into this parking lot.  You are an accomplice.  You are affirming and supporting an act of murder.  That’s what you are contemplating here today, and you are just as guilty.  If you willfully help someone rob the bank, even if you didn’t go in and point the gun, you still do time.  If you hire a hit man to kill somebody, you are the primary guilty party and get the death penalty before God at the final judgement.  You need to think on that.

“Your conscience is not just some quirk of your body chemistry.  That is God telling you that what you are doing is wrong.  That’s a warning that you need to STOP and turn the other way, and I’m here to affirm that word from God right now that you have felt and been trying to rationalize away and deal with.  It’s not too late to change your mind right now.”

A speech like this one brought two different men over to talk last fall, and one from Texas began urging his girlfriend to come out. We do not mince words, because time is of the essence.  We provide assistance for any need and a clear choice between life and death.  All of this, as likeminded ministers in cities across the States can attest, is delivered in a spirit of humility and grace.  You join us there with your financial support and spiritual encouragement.  With your help we are training fellow servants to rescue our preborn neighbors at the gates of death.

Ministering at the Gates of Death