Abolition abortion

Lack of Leadership Leaves Legal Muddle

What SCOTUS did not say is problematic for officials with no intestinal fortitude.

Abolition abortion Pro-Life

Roe’s Reversal in Oklahoma…IF

Preborn inmates on Death Roe await the Governor’s pardon.

Abolition Pro-Life

The Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act

Lady Justice, an important symbol in our legal system, is a visual representation of the type of justice we want: Equal Justice.

Abolition Advocacy Pro-Life

We Will Have to Repeal Many Pro-life Smoking Guns to Abolish Abortion

The job of the Legislature is to make it clear that abortion is criminal. It must remove all contradictions and ambiguity. Yet, neither Senate President Matt Pinnell, Pro Tem Greg Treat, nor House Speaker Charles McCall has had the courage to criminalize abortion.


Beware Sen. Greg Treat’s Franken-Bill 195

Following is a review of the three bills which have advanced. Note that none of them is a bill of abolition, or would provide equal protection under the law, or restore the right to life.