Stop Worshipping SCOTUS

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Pro-life politicians keep offering human sacrifices to the gods of state and federal judges. On 1 November 2021 the Oklahoma Supreme Court stayed the remaining pro-life bills that the State’s pro-life legislators and governor had been bragging about all year. Governor Stitt had already bowed down to the courts, granting them supremacy, when he said upon signing the bills, “We’ll let the courts work out if any of those get overturned.” Now the courts have “overturned” them all, while Gov. Stitt has made it clear that he will obey lawless judges.

Two years ago Dr. Alan Keyes, former UN Ambassador under Ronald Reagan and three-time Presidential candidate, visited Oklahoma to brief Governor Stitt on the Governor’s moral and legal duty to immediately abolish abortion, regardless of any judges’ opinions, including those of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  In the twenty minute video below, Dr. Keyes talks to John Michener of Oklahomans United for Life about his mission and message in the Sooner State.  Here are a few of the talking points from the show:

  • The scientific fact that the preborn are individual humans means that the Roe opinion has collapsed per its own sunset clause and is irrelevant to abortion.
  • The pro-life movement is mistakenly focused on the courts when it should focus on state governors to provide equal protection.
  • Any governor who fails to immediately shut down “murder mills” is guilty of high crimes and should be booted from office.
  • Executive enforcement of constitutional law is the key to abolishing abortion.
  • Abortion is a tool of totalitarians and is ultimately about murdering YOU!
  • Pro-lifers must repent of worshipping the god SCOTUS.
  • The pro-life movement is shifting to abolitionism.