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Executive Shell Game

The game is a con. We always lose. Abolition is not under the court shell because of stare decisis, and abolition is not under the legislative shell because they have no power to enforce it.

A white sedan with the state seal of Oklahoma on its side crept up to the gate of the abortion deathcamp.  My heart beat with excitement.  Was the state here to inspect and shut them down?  I flagged down the driver and was rewarded with a lowered window.

“Who are you with?” I blurted out.  “Are you here to see if they are in violation of anything so we can shut them down and save lives?”

“No!” came the reply.  “I’m with SoonerCare, and I help them stay in compliance and stay open.  We don’t want them closed.”

You can imagine my anger and disappointment.  SoonerCare is administered by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, an agency of the executive branch, which answers to Governor Kevin Stitt.  According to the state website, SoonerCare provides “Family Planning” and health care to pregnant women.  Here is a glaring example of how the abortion industry is entrenched and protected by state agencies and regulations.  While everyone is naively looking to the courts and legislatures to do something, executives get a free pass for failing to exercise any leadership, and even allowing agencies under their direction to actively support murder by abortion.

In spite of the protection and encouragement of Oklahoma’s executive branch, later that afternoon we did rescue one child from being slaughtered.

Our point here is that average pro-life people and abolitionists are playing a shell game.  In the traditional version, a pea is hidden under one of three walnut half-shells.  After the shells have been shuffled around, the mark attempts to choose the shell containing the pea.  Let us pretend the shells represent the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.  The pea is the abolition of abortion.  What happens?

The game is a con.  We always lose.  Abolition is not under the court shell because of stare decisis—the court’s practice of upholding precedent.  Abolition is not under the legislative shell because no matter what law they write, they have no power to enforce it.  What about the executive shell?

No one ever picks the executive shell.

We keep getting played by the political street-corner hucksters.  We must realize that writing laws (legislative branch) and enforcing laws (executive branch) are two separate functions.  The Constitution requires the state governor to abolish abortion per his duty and authority.  The abolition pea is under the executive shell.  While state statutes must be brought into compliance with the Constitution, keep in mind that the state legislature cannot abolish abortion without the governor, but the governor could achieve abolition through executive action and leadership.  Our highest laws already support such moves. “The Constitution Requires Governors to Abolish Abortion” is a seven-minute video with Dr. Alan Keyes that explains the necessary actions clearly and concisely.  It should be watched and shared again and again.

The Constitution Requires Governors to Abolish Abortion.

The paradigm is shifting among the people.  When will that shift finally reach the governor’s office?  Here are some examples of reflections from our students over the last few months which demonstrate the shift from nominal pro-life thinking to abolitionist thinking:

“I understand now that we can’t wait for the culture to change, but that we must be the ones that change the culture…  We must change the law.  We must be a voice, we must keep pushing and demand our leaders to do the right thing, the just thing.  We must demand complete abolition and hold our government officials accountable.  Abortion is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  ALL persons have the inherent right to life.”


“This class had so much information.  I was completely ignorant of the fact that abortion is actually unconstitutional.  I wasn’t aware of all the legal and strategic lies that I have believed.  I didn’t realize that our states could begin the process of abolishing abortion…  How deceived we have been by…only regulating abortion instead of doing away with it.”

Nancy H.

“Thank you for arranging this outstanding training…  I have been overwhelmed and discouraged for a very long time…  Now I actually have hope and intend to get involved…but so few appreciate that we must approach this as Abolitionists, not status-quo Pro-Lifers.”

Mrs. DeMartini

“I’m still processing what you told us about the lies we have been told for 47 years…  Learning that abortion could be stopped by even one brave governor in this country making a stand is stunning.  Learning that elected officials and pro-life organizations…are really just interested in regulating abortion, not ending it, has blown me away.  I can never call myself pro-life again.  I am an Abolitionist.  And I intend to join the battle.”


“I am reminded that…Paul stated, ‘Brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant…’  I have learned a tremendous amount from this class…  I was ignorant of…the endless cycle of financially supporting pro-life organizations…voting for pro-life candidates, and seeing little if any results.  This cycle has been perpetuated for 47 years…  In addition I was also ignorant of the knowledge of Oklahoma State laws and the U.S. Constitution concerning abortion.  I repent, change my way of thinking, and I change where I sow into the kingdom of God to stop the unlawful practice of killing innocent preborn children.  I now consider myself an abolitionist.”


“I understand now that regulating abortion does nothing except allow the slaughter to continue, legally.  If we truly want to see an end to abortion, then we can no longer go after it bit-by-bit with any kind of regulations.  We need to be abolitionists and take the whole issue head on, starting at the local and state level.  Change begins where you are and where you can be most effective.”