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When Courts Decide, Babies Die

After signing contradictory “pro-life” bills, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said, “We’ll let the courts work out if any of those get overturned.” The fate of preborn humans should not be left in the hands of corrupt courts.

After signing contradictory “pro-life” bills on 26 April 2021, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said, “We’ll let the courts work out if any of those get overturned.”

This passive stance is in stark contrast to Gov. Stitt’s rhetoric and leadership style on other issues.  For example, when it comes to the flow of a different kind of lifeblood—oil and natural gas—Stitt proactively issued an executive order on 8 February 2021 which he said “sends a clear message to the Biden Administration that threatening to destroy Oklahoma jobs and our constitutional ability to develop our oil and gas is unacceptable.  We will not be passive in responding to systematic attacks on Oklahoma values.”  Stitt has been similarly proactive in protecting our right to self-defense.  Clearly he understands that we cannot sit back and let federal overreach destroy our unalienable rights and constitutional protections.

We need to let Governor Stitt know that his right thinking and proactive leadership on gas, guns, and agriculture should extend to abortion.  The fate of thousands of preborn humans should not be left in the hands of corrupt courts.

But what about the rule of law and the common objections that the Oklahoma Supreme Court and federal courts will block any executive action and state statutes against abortion?  First, the phrase “rule of law” simply means that we are ruled by the law itself, not by individuals, such as corrupt politicians and judges.  Murder by abortion violates the highest laws of our land:  natural law, the U.S. Constitution, and our state constitution.  If Gov. Stitt believes in the rule of law, then he should enforce the highest laws which he has sworn to uphold.

What about the likely event that the Oklahoma Supreme Court would stay any executive action and state statutes against abortion, calling them “unconstitutional?”

  1. According to the Oklahoma Constitution, the state Supreme Court is not supreme.  Article 7A § 1 provides for the “Removal of judges from office – Compulsory retirement – Causes.”  Note:  “Cause for removal from office shall be:  Gross neglect of duty, corruption in office…gross partiality in office, oppression in office; or other grounds as may be specified hereafter by the legislature.”  According to § 4, the process to remove a justice of the Supreme Court is begun via a simple petition filed by any of several parties, including the Governor, Attorney General, or by a Resolution of the House of Representatives.
  2. Therefore, any anti-abortion bill should include a new section of law along these lines:  “Any judge or court of this state that purports to enjoin, stay, overrule, or void any provision of this bill shall be subject to removal from office per the power granted to the Legislature by Article 7A § 1 of the Oklahoma Constitution.”
  3. The Governor’s office and Attorney General should work with the prosecuting attorney to arrange for a sympathetic judge to try the first test case.
  4. The executive branch should continue to enforce anti-abortion law in the face of stays issued by corrupt courts attempting to preserve murder by abortion.  When the courts ignore the constitutions, the courts should be ignored.  Under the governor’s direction, executive officers can blockade abortion deathcamps, make arrests, and bring charges, even if particular judges object.
  5. As noted in (1) above, the governor could file a petition to remove from office any judge who attempts to stay anti-abortion actions and legislation or dismisses an abortion case.
  6. The governor could also call for the impeachment of any judge who attempts to stay anti-abortion actions and legislation or dismisses an abortion case, citing “wilful neglect of duty, corruption in office” and “incompetency” from Article 8 § 1 of the Oklahoma State Constitution.

What about the likely event that a federal court or the U.S. Supreme Court would stay any executive action and state statutes against abortion, calling them “unconstitutional?”

The answer is simple:  IGNORE THEM!  When the courts ignore the Constitution, the courts should be ignored.  This is the only reasonable response in the face of an ongoing holocaust.  If we secure a conviction for abortion in Oklahoma under our constitutions and Oklahoma law, then we simply keep our convictions and our sentences in force within our state and refuse to cooperate with any federal judge or marshal.

From oil and natural gas to education and marijuana, Governor Stitt has demonstrated that he believes in state sovereignty and is willing to exercise it to uphold natural rights and constitutional protections.  We should encourage the same kind of leadership to protect the preborn.  With one voice we must submit our case to Gov. Stitt as follows:

Dear Governor Stitt,

We assert that abortion is the murder of preborn human beings.  The purpose of government, as outlined by both our founding documents and the word of God, is to protect life, liberty, and property.  According to God’s Law, it is wrong to kill innocent human beings.  According to the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”  According to Article 2 Section 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution, “All persons have the inherent right to life…”  Therefore, abortion is a violation of our highest laws and is unconstitutional.

We appeal to you, as the chief executive of the state of Oklahoma, to abolish murder by abortion in our state.  We believe you not only have the moral duty before God to immediately stop the shedding of innocent blood in our state, but also have constitutional authority and specific legal powers which would allow you to lead the movement to abolish abortion literally and fully in Oklahoma.

As head of the executive branch, which functions independently of the legislative and judicial branches, you have as much right and duty to act in accordance with the constitution as do legislators and judges.  You need not wait for a court’s permission to enforce constitutional protections.  When God’s law and our constitutions are disregarded by corrupt courts, a governor’s duty is to resist them and uphold our constitutions to protect innocent lives.

Your leadership is paramount.  As chief executive, you need no further authorization than your oath of office and our constitutions to proceed with a plan to abolish abortion.  Furthermore, your leadership through executive action could stop the bloodshed and inspire such actions across the union, saving countless lives.

You can be encouraged and emboldened that when Christians across the union hear that you are leading the charge to end this atrocity, they will rally to Oklahoma to serve as field marshals and generals in the battle.  We will do everything within our power to rally the support of Oklahomans and all Americans to your leadership and action to abolish abortion in Oklahoma.

Governor, please accept your God-given role to lead the modern day abolition movement.  Only chief executives have the civil authority and duty to immediately stop the bloodshed, thus driving the issue to a resolution and ending the American Abortion Holocaust.

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