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A Plan for the Governor to Abolish Abortion

Eventually executives will have to block or cross the abortionist’s property line to uphold the higher laws. The Allies were trespassing at Auschwitz.

We are continually asked this question:  “How can we abolish abortion?” and conversely, “What is keeping us from abolishing abortion?”  Politically speaking, we have not abolished abortion because there has been no executive leadership, and we will abolish abortion when a chief executive—a governor—decides to lead and act.

Civil authority in our representative republic is divided among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.  Each branch has its own duties which do not overlap with the other branches.  What they have in common is their duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions.  Here is the problem.  Establishment pro-life organizations, along with the general pro-life community, and pro-life politicians have focused all of their strategic efforts to curtail abortion on the judicial and legislative branches of government.  They believe they must wait for the supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to overturn Roe v. Wade prior to abolishing abortion.  They also believe they need state legislatures to pass more laws against abortion before it can be abolished.

In all of these efforts, pro-lifers, and even some abolitionists, have given executives a free pass for doing nothing.  The reality is that abortion already violates the highest laws of our land and that executive leadership and action is the key to forcing the abolition of abortion.  Executive action will pressure the other branches of government to align themselves with the higher laws, driving the issue to its resolution.

Kevin Stitt becomes Oklahoma Governor.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has sworn before God to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Oklahoma to the best of his ability.  If he took this duty seriously, and if he agreed with the following presuppositions, then he would be willing to implement a plan to abolish abortion in Oklahoma such as the one outlined below.

Does Governor Stitt Agree With these Premises?

  1. Every human being, regardless of his stage of development, is intrinsically valuable simply because he is a human being made in the image of God.
  2. A unique human being comes into existence once the conception process is complete.
  3. Innocent human beings have a God-given right to life, so killing them is murder.
  4. Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being and, therefore, murder.
  5. The primary purpose of government is to protect God-given rights.
  6. Per the Constitution’s guarantees of the right to life and equal protection of the laws recorded in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, abortion is unconstitutional and unlawful.
  7. Per the Oklahoma Constitution’s guarantee of the right to life recorded in Article 2 Sections 2 and 7, abortion is unconstitutional and unlawful.
  8. Per Oklahoma’s homicide definition recorded in Title 21 § 691, abortion is criminal homicide.
  9. Those state statutes describing “legal abortion” conflict with higher laws. Not only are they immoral, but they are unconstitutional; therefore, they are null and void.
  10. Roe v. Wade and its corollaries violate the clear wording and meaning of the U.S. Constitution; therefore, they are null and void.
  11. Executives have a duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution regardless of how other officials ignore or lie about the Constitution.
  12. Higher even than constitutions, all men everywhere have a transcendent and moral duty to disregard and, where possible, resist an order from a superior to allow mass murder.
  13. Roe v. Wade and its corollaries are like “orders” from SCOTUS to the various and United States to permit mass murder. Therefore, the various and United States have a transcendent moral obligation to ignore and, where possible, resist Roe v. Wade and its corollaries.
  14. All law enforcement personnel have a duty to protect innocent human beings within their jurisdictions.
  15. The governor of the state is the highest-ranking executive officer in the state.
  16. The governor has a moral and legal duty to take executive action to save innocent lives in his state.

The Plan to Abolish Abortion. If Governor Stitt affirms these premises, then he should be open to adopting a strategic plan to abolish abortion along the following lines:

  1. Hold necessary preliminary meetings with city, county, and state police to preselect commanding officers and officers who are committed to the plan and will stand their ground.
  2. Hold a press conference announcing the immediate abolition of abortion in Oklahoma per the above premises and the executive oath of office. In the press conference, the governor would explain the entire plan from start to finish. He would announce the effective date of enforcement and outline his specific actions. He might also outline the preferred method of filing a complaint by anyone who has evidence of murder by abortion, whether it was committed by a licensed physician or by parents privately.
  3. Call an emergency special session of the Oklahoma Legislature to enact the Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act to bring Oklahoma statutes into agreement with the higher laws. This Act would lessen the likelihood of lower courts throwing cases out based on contradictory statutes. It is important to note that since it takes two-thirds of the State House and Senate to override the governor’s veto, then his veto is worth one hundred votes in the Oklahoma Legislature. Therefore, he can force the issue by vetoing other bills and the budget until they pass a bill of abolition. The governor can lead and drive the issue to a resolution.
  4. On the first practicable date, order state police to descend upon all abortion facilities to set up barricades and prevent entry to any party other than the registered owner.
  5. Expect all law enforcement personnel to stand their ground, even in the face of unconstitutional court orders which would certainly be forthcoming.
  6. Refuse to back down or remove police, no matter what, until properties are re-let.
  7. Coordinate with the State Attorney General to press charges and prosecute cases that arise from new evidence received after the effective date of abolition.
  8. Call upon Christians in Oklahoma to practice pure and undefiled religion (James 1:27), assisting mothers and fathers who would have formerly sought abortion.
  9. Challenge the governors of other states to follow Oklahoma’s righteous example.

In conclusion, it is high time our chief executives, our governors, take the needed and necessary role in leading the modern day abolition movement.  Only chief executives have the civil authority and duty to immediately stop the bloodshed, which could drive the issue to a resolution and end the American Abortion Holocaust.

Answering Objections

Objection # 1  Some are going to ask, “What about the courts, and what about the supreme Court?”  The answer is simple:  IGNORE THEM!  When the courts ignore the Constitution, the courts should be ignored.  When an innocent child is being beaten and mutilated, do you call a judge to issue an opinion on the lawfulness of the attack?  Or do you call an executive officer to physically stop the attack?  If SCOTUS were to overturn Roe v. Wade, it would be the result of unrelenting executive action to physically abolish abortion.

Objection # 2  Another question is, “Don’t we need to pass a bill to abolish abortion first?”  No.  Abortion already violates the higher laws:  God’s law that we shall not murder, the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of the right to life and equal protection, state constitutional guarantees of the right to life, and even many state homicide codes.  When there is a contradiction in the statutes, executives should uphold the higher laws and treat the contradictory lower laws as null and void.  Even Jesus taught the hierarchy of law principle and demonstrated it by healing on the Sabbath.

“The Allies were trespassing at Auschwitz.”

Standing at the border of Germany with signs asking the Nazis not to kill anyone else would have been ineffective.  Similarly, at some point executives, who have the legal authority and duty, will have to block or cross the abortionist’s property line to uphold the higher laws.  The Allies were trespassing at Auschwitz.

Again, executive action will drive the issue to a resolution.  State legislatures would be much more likely to pass bills of abolition to reconcile state statutes with our constitutions under the pressure of unrelenting executive leadership and action to literally abolish abortion.

Objection # 3  Others might ask, “What about federal intervention?”  They are already allowing states to ignore unconstitutional federal laws and court opinions against marijuana use.  They also took a hands off approach to state election practices, so it is highly unlikely that the federal executive branch would take any action. However, it is theoretically possible that federal bureaucracies might cut funding to the state.  Should this occur the simple response would be for the state to withhold all federal tax dollars collected in the state and to craft a new state budget that funds essential core functions without federal aid.  In other words, Oklahoma should become financially independent.  We must be willing to make sacrifices to end the atrocities of abortion.