The Gospel is a Verb

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In July Oklahomans United for Life was a cosponsor of “Defend The Fatherless,” the national conference of Operation Save America.  In the opening training session, we made the case that disagreements over theology, doctrine, and eschatology tend to divide and neutralize Christians.

Christians in general spend too much time and energy debating the concepts of grace and faith at the expense of performing the acts of faith which should characterize Christian living.  Rather than continually describing, discussing, and debating these concepts as nouns, Christians could benefit from focusing on scripture’s emphasis of their verb forms.  In other words, Christians should not be primarily characterized by nuances of belief, but rather by their actions.

When it comes to abortion, Christians exhibit a similar habit of simply holding and debating “pro-life” beliefs, rather than doing the specific work to abolish abortion.  If we are serious about saving lives and saving souls, then we must go beyond debating the nouns to living the verbs.  Watch the twenty-nine minute teaching The Gospel is a Verb.